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What website does the public want? Answered

What website is the public looking for? I am 14 years old and I would really like to create and get a website/web service and would appreciate any advice from perhaps future users. Thank you so much! I have knowledge of these languages: php, html, css, javascript, jquery, and a small amount of java. I will soon be learning swift to create applications for iPhone iPad and mac. Thanks again!


You could ask local businesses if they need a website. You could also ask your friends and family what sort of website they'd like. Also, look at other websites for inspiration but remember to give credit to where ever you get your idea. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, a website I would be interested in is a website where you make music or remixes and share them.

Your best bet for getting into this is probably find a small, local, business that needs a website and work for them to create one. If you don't have any real experience or other sites to show them your work you might have to do the first site or two for free, or for very cheap paid at completion, to build your portfolio. If you can get a couple successful designs under your belt then you can start operating like a more traditional web service business.

If I know I would be creating it and making my fortune.

Look for a need, Look for a common activity that can be translated onto a web site.

Look for something with mass appeal.

Look for something that compliments a basic human need.

Thank you very much! The advice is truly helpful. I will wait a little bit longer before choosing you as the best answer because I want to hear what other iblers have to say. Thank you :-)

Look for things along your own interests. Find sites out there that already cover that topic. Compare and contrast the sites, see what they are doing right and see what can be improved. Then make your site better than the rest. Just be ready to invest some money on advertising so users will find you.