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What white material should I use to draw on blue paper? Answered

I need it white to look like a blueprint, as it's a project for school. I tried a white pencil, it was OK but I had to push down really hard and it was bad for details. Worst case scenario, I'll use that.


white crayon ?
Liquid Paper ?
Chalk (then spray over with a fixer to stop it smudging)


+1 on the liquid paper, probably sold in the US as "correction fluid".


6 years ago

Thanks to all of you! I am finished now and it looks good. I ended up using a kind of sewing chalk pencil thing.

Sewing chalk ! What a great idea - the lines must be really neat and sharp with that ?


They sell Felt tip markers in white (at least here they do)... I would try an art store or an office supply store for one. They aren't very expensive, and I can say from experience, they work rather well.


China graph wax pencil or like Mythbusters use a silver felt tip pen.