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What would be a cool thing to do with my 1st bass guitar? Answered

its a knock off fender p-bass. i think it is a jay turser or something low end like that. i want it to look cool and maybe sound better... should i use something like tape or stickers or something along those lines? would tape wreck the finish? would stickers?


Give it a new paintjob. Take off the strings, and pickguard if there is one. Shield off the electronics if there are any. Then, put a basecoat on. Do something in black. Then, put masking tape on in random places in strips. Spraypaint on Blue. Remove the masking tape, put it back together, and you have yourself an awesome bass.

when I got a new electric, i took my first one and took it all apart to see the guts and how it worked, then i took it to school with a handful of sharpies and had my friends draw all over it. then i took it home, installed some new pickups and put it all back together. it's a realy cool piece of functional art now. As for the paint job on yours, why do you want to preserve it? If it's a cheap knock off, it's not going to have any value anyways, right? so why not do something cool with it and turn it into a cool keepsake and not worry about damaging something as superficial as paint.

I did a cool thing with my bass...
I took it apart and sanded only the front of it, not the sides nor the back just the front. looks preaty sweet *winks*


9 years ago

I've seen people that had cheap guitar, and didn't want to wreck the paint job, they would use those vynil stickers that stick to windows and such. They're easily removable, and you can keep changing the look. If you went with stickers, there are products that can remove sticker gunk without hurting the finish. (Goo-Gone for example.)