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What would be a good airsoft semi-starter gun? Answered

I already have and used, cheap and plastic, P90, Walther P22, G36C, MP5, mag fed scattergun, (Not a shotgun... all guns do that!) Colt.45 pistol, and two Walther P99's. These guns never got much more than 60ft. I want a full metal gun, not much more than 100 bucks.


If you live in the States, try out www.pyramydair.com, they're good for EVERYTHING. Also, if you live in Canada, like I do, just try going to your local Canadian Tire, there's not metal, but I bought the Crosman Tactical R76, for about $130. IT IS AWESOME. Although, mag is a little annoying, but I'm not reviewing it. So, there you go. But, don't get your hopes up for a full-metal AEG for anything under $200, if you find one, it's probably a peice of ****.

 try a dicks sporting goods or a walmart sportings goods or you can look online and depending on where you live you can go to an academy sporting goods or sports authority and on all of these stores sites there are the products that they carry

i heard of a full aluminium AEG glock before and I've seen it, but that one was bought or $52.25 US and I don't know where to find another.

I agree with benfoxg, you can't get a full metal AEG for under $100. Maybe a gas pistol. Don't use Airsplat, they are known to be a bad source. Shorty is ok, but a little pricey. I say go to Airsoft GI, save another $100, and get either a Echo 1 (which is basically a JG) or a Dboys AK. Cyma's lastest AK's (cm.030 and up) are good, too.

If your looking for something cheap, and spring powered i would recommend the M14 TSD

Shorty USA.com has a good variety of electric full metal assult rifles for around160$.

Well, it depends what you are looking for. I personally like Shorty USA for all my airsoft equipment. You definitely can't get full metal for less than $170, and you have to be lucky to get it for that. There are, however, electric guns for around $130. I have an Echo 1 Mp5 J. I would recommend it to you, but get the full stock version. They all come with a battery, charger, and High capacity wind up magazine, as long as they are Echo 1. However, I put in the gun and the BB's you would need, plus shipping, and you get $172. There are sniper rifles on there as well that are part metal. In fact, for $100, they have a sniper rifle that's 50% metal, comes with two 25 round mags, and a bi pod. No scope though... that would be an extra $40 or $50. It comes to around $135 with the BB's and shipping... a very good deal, if you ask me.

something else you might want to consider is becoming a pyrotechnician. click on my name and check out all my instructables. you can make them all for less than 100 dollars, and i think they will be just as effective

im doing this at school, so the web site is blocked or id give you the url, but its on airsplat, a nice J/G fully automatic SSR AK-47. about 300-350 FPS, 13 rounds a second. i do not have it, by my friend does, so i have many a time been on the reciving end of a wall of .20 g plastic, and i can say its a good gun for about 100 bucks.

just remember, you get what you pay for-- if you buy something from the internet, go for the $50-$90 range.

Put the extra money in to the gun you want. If you go cheap and it doesn't do the trick, you'll have to spend that much more to get something better. I bought an all plastic M16-A1 because I wanted extra range, but I now regret it. I could have spent $100 more to get something much nicer. My P90 on the other hand was my first and still my favorite.

You can't get a full metal gun for under 100 bucks