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What would be a good beginner development board like the Mini2440 Arm9 Board? Answered

I am some what new to this and I'm not sure if I got all the information right but I'm trying to find out about these almost portable computers. The one I found so far is the Arm9 which can be configured to run windows or Linux and add different hard ware like a camera or WI-FI. But the main question is there other boards like this that are cheaper or more functional or all around better?


For me after searching for a variety of boards I found the arduino board to be the best as it was cheap, easy to work with and a begginers solution to basic programming!

Here is their website : www.arduino.cc

I actually have Arduino and I love the fact that I can change projects very easily. But I'm looking for a graphic like development board like the Arm9

Yes, there are other SBCs, of varying degrees of complexity.

Cheaper and more functional don't usually go in the same sentence. (Quality, Service, Price -- pick any two.) So you need to decide how _YOU_ define "better" before you can answer that question.

What kinds of projects do you want to do?
How much performance do you actually need?
How much storage to you actually need?
What interfaces to the outside world do you need?
What are your physical space constraints?
What are your power constraints?
What are your price constraints?
Are you expecting to dedicate this board to one task, or reuse it in subsequent projects, or replace it with something more specifically tuned to your task after you've got the prototype running?

Once you have those answers, you can start trading them off against each other and decide what's "best". It may be a single-board computer (SBC) like the one you mentioned. It may be a used "junker" laptop. It may be a microcontroller. It may be an off-the-shelf tablet or palmtop or whatever. Or it may be several of these, in various combinations, as you move from project to project.

OR... Pick one, buy it, play with it, and don't stress about whether it was the best possible choice. By definition, something better will be released the day after you mail in your order, so a search for the absolute best means you wait forever and never actually get to work with it. You can always upgrade later, when your budget recovers, if you really need to.

Thanks for setting a base for me

I would like something that I can reuse for different projects. something if possible like an Arduino or Pic that I can program to do outside functions.But I like the fact that some of them can run like an actual computer and run windows or linux.