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What would be a good cheap alternative to screen printing Ink? Answered

Okay, so I saw this Instructable the other, day, which said that it was possible to use a water based house paint for silk screen printing, and I was curious if that would work, or if anyone had tried it to see whether it cracked easily, or lasted for a moderately long period of time. Does anyone else know of any other ink alternatives, as it seems like the ink for silk screen printing is rather expensive. Thank you for your help.


I believe the 'ible you're referring to was the "project of the day" (from yesterday). I didn't look it all that closely yet, but I get the gist of the process. Instead of the recommended paint, I would imagine you could use an inexpensive craft type fabric paint (intended for t-shirts etc) if thats what you are looking to do.

Okay, that sounds like it should work, I was just thinking maybe for the amount you get it would be worth it, but seems fabric paint is the way to go. Thank you for your help.

No problem. Good luck with your project. :)

Screen printing ink is fairly thick - The idea being it needs to be squeegeed through the fine screen onto the paper.

I would guess that a normal water based paint would be too thin as it is intended for brushing over a large surface and the result would be it running under the screen and smudging.


undiluted poster paints and acrylic paints are fairly thick and may be worth a try -

Actually as the paint is water based as long as your prepared to experiment and wash things well after trying it out isn't going to hurt or break the bank - Who knows this may be he basis for a new Instructable.

By the way you can make a screen with a normal net curtain such as you may have hung up at your windows or use fly screen which is finer and so a bit better.

Thank you, Rick. I shall try some of those ideas. I am new to screen printing, and would like to make the best possible print for the cheapest I can get. I like the idea of using a fly screen. Thanks for your help.