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What would be the best way to put a design on a hoodie? Answered

I'm looking to make two fairly identical hoodies. On the front, there is a fairly small, intricate logo, and on the back, large words. Does anybody have any ideas on the best way to put designs on a hoodie that will be replicatible and fairly inexpensive.



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I'd say your best option is silk screening. It's usually the most common way to put graphics on clothing, plus it usually looks really good. There are severalplaces online where you can upload custom graphics and have the website do it for you. If you're looking  to do it yourself, though, there's an instructable for that: Screen Printing: Cheap, Dirty, and At Home. Hope this helps.

I made some t-shirts & a couple of hoodies for my bike club using iron on's printed on an inkjet printer & they worked out great.
A couple of things worth bearing in mind, if you want anything other than a white background you will need to buy suitable sheets, most of the ones available in the shops are white ones you print onto the front of these are great but if your design incorporates a lot of line work & you want the colour of the shirt to show through the design you will need sheets that are transparent, I found they are readily available on eBay for quite reasonable prices.
Also it's a good idea to have a spare shirt to practise on, many of the things I put on my shirts were quite small & only needed a five, or six seconds to apply rather than the 30 seconds suggested in the instructions.
If you are unsure about doing them yourself there are plenty of places that can do them for you, again I found plenty on eBay that will either provide the shirts for you or if you really want them to will put designs on your own items.
Hope this helps.


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Embroidery and appliqué?

You can buy "iron on" sheets that you run thru a printer. Staples has them.