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What would you do with this blackberry pulp? Answered

I like preserves, but my husband doesn't like the seeds in wild blackberries. So I made preserves yesterday and jelly today. What would you do with this disgusting mass of blackberry pulp? It tastes pretty good, but bless its heart, it's ugly.


My dad also hates the seeds, so we strain them (like you did) for jam and jelly and then we dehydrate the left over pulp (in a food dehydrator). But, you can do the same thing in a regular oven. Just spread the mixture evenly (about 1/8 inch thick) onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and put it in an oven on low (about 130-140F). It will take a few hours to get to a "fruit rollup" type consistency. It will still be a bit sticky, but it will have lost most of the moisture, and once cooled, it will hold its shape. Then all you need to do is cut them it into strips (roll them if desired), and then wrap them in plastic wrap. They make for very tasty and healthy snacks, and don't need any extra sugar.

btw, my son had to stop bringing them to school as a snack because he said all the kids wanted one (so he now eats them after school). :)

I did put it in the dehydrator! I wonder if the seeds might have broken down some if I had put the stuff in the blender. Hmmm.

Healthy snacks! Good for you and your son!

That stuff looks absolutely perfect for ice cream or sorbet.

Freeze it on a stick?

Purée it?

Milk shake?


Oh, I've got it! Blackberry flapjack!

I'm wondering if I could spread it out and put it in the dehydrator and make jerky. That's not illegal, is it?

Not illegal at all - you might need some sort of binder, though to keep it in chewable strips. Maybe spread it on rice-paper?

I've done that and you don't need a binder. I removed the seeds from some blackberries and made blackberry apple fruit leather but couldn't bear to just throw out the seeds and remaining pulp. I dehydrated it and it turned out kind of like peanut brittleish... Not super sweet like that but kind of the same texture. Not amazing to eat but not terrible. You might try blackberry seed brittle... Hmmm..

I dehydrated it, and it pretty much turned to a sea of seeds. The birds won't touch it.

Add sugar & yeast - ferment it.


Then drink it? Or make bread?

Either sounds like worth trying.


Can't talk.......drinking.

Use it as a filling for something.

Maybe a dollop in a chocolate muffin dough?


6 years ago

Dry it out and feed it to the birds.

It sort of looks like suet, doesn't it? I'm thinking the cardinals would enjoy it. Do hummingbirds eat solids?

Pink slime for vegetarians ?