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What would you do? Answered

Well last night I was laying in bed and turned on the History channel. There was a show on about how the world could end and it scared the crap out of me. There was part of it that said stuff about an asteroid and how if there was a huge one that was going to hit us we would know the exact date. Then the people on the show were interviewing people about what they would do and a lady said that she had three kids back to back so ahe would have a margarita. I know this is a rather pessimistic/depressing forum but if that was to happen what would you do during your last days on earth? I don't know what I would do.


i'd probably just do all that stupid stuff flying around in my brain. take 2-3 doses of Datura stramonium and trip till the world ended

I would dig a really deep hole and bring all the supplies i'd need for 2 years. Then I would hide there until it passes then I would come out and live on an earth all to my own.

There is a Sci-fi story about such a scenario....find out what happens by reading Level 7 for a possible outcome of hiding underground.....with an almost unlimited power supply :-)

Life After People is a great show. ;-)

Wait, was that the show?

That show scared me. Not as much as the one about the top 10 ways the earth could end though.

I would gather everyone I know and there families.... have them all out to my place and eat, drink and be merry.

Agree! If you are about to die, why be miserable? I say


But don't do anything you may regret later, in case something happens and we live...

In the last minutes on earth we could listen to The Final Countdown :\

You know, I don't think I'd do much different to the usual day-to-day, but I'd make sure I appreciated it more. There's always the chance of survival, and the quicker we abandon civilisation, the harder it would be to regain it.

But what if there was no chance for survival, and everyone would be blown to bits??

There is no chance of survival anyway. Like Jim Morrison said - Nobody gets out of here alive.

The way sky-observations go, The Big One will probably arrive unannounced anyway - most NEOs are first seen after they've passed us - so we're more likely to be utterly unable to prepare for the end.

So, rather than waste time planning what to do come The Day, I'd rather get on with enjoying what life I have left.

After all,as GH said, I could be gone tommo...

I would go to Instructables HQ, and say hi. That's one of my goals in life. Interning for them is even a higher goal.

I feel this way, I could step in front of a truck tomorrow and be gone. So, today is all I have, and I really need to appreciate it as much as I can. I just can not trust things to go on "as they always have" forever (I am sounding like my Granddad !).

This may sound stupid but, I would build a rocket and fly to space. After it hits i'll go back into the atmosphere with a parachute. I'll depoly it at 100,000ft. I could bring a scuba tank, a few sandwiches, and a few cokes. And you can watch the earth be destroyed from the best seat in the universe. Plus, if you do survive you can try to land near a special area in the middle of nowhere so you can go to a hole where a few weeks of supplies and equipment. The best part is, you get to go to space.

I would take all the money out of my bank account and spend it on videogames and caffeinated beverages. Or crack. Play videogames for the last couple of days.

I would also try to track where the meteor would hit. Then I would stand in the exact spot. I've always wanted to be hit by a meteor.

walk into my old bosses office and punch(previously shoot) him straight in the face, several times. Lots of drugs.

If this is a small meteorite, I'll try to move away from the middle of the target.
If this is a giant meteorite, I'll try to move in the middle of the target : with some miraculous luck, I'll be able to stop it with my hand, and the world will be saved =o)

I'd call the meteorite rude names and see if it got upset and crashed somewhere else. ;>)


10 years ago

I would shoot the TV. =)

By their thinking if the world ends, we end. No "I am legends" =) phew, now we don't have to worry about G.Bush/Brown terrorising these poor muslims.

I'd do the things on my "bucket list"

I'd enjoy the hell out of it and really just do everything that's fun and just not think of conqequence because they're not there... I'd probably do most of the stuff I already do but constantly and really cut loose, I mean I don't hold back much but anything I've not done already I'd do it...

might go to church I'm not sure what to say

I feel like I am doing pretty much what I like to do in my off hours anyway; helping others in whatever capacity I can. I wouldn't change that thinking in any way. The WAY I helped may change, but the help would continue.