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What would your ultimate knex battle/war rifle be(not the halo one, an original one that I could make soon)? Answered

     I need a project, so I decided I would make the ultimate war rifle. I can tell you right now, don't say a TR, because I personally think they're a tad unreliable. What would your ultimate battle/war rifle be(features, etc)? I could be starting a new series, the 968 series, consisting of ultimate war guns, so expect a bunch more of these type of questions. Thank you for your time,






Best Answer 8 years ago

Haha that's kind of funny seeing how the BR/TR series are the most reliable. But anyways by ultimate battle rifle would either be a repeating sling shot or a fully automatic mini slingshot (which I do have an idea for).

My ultimate assult rifle would have a secondary pistol and a crossbow(AND I MADE IT-possibly coming this summer!)


8 years ago

whoo hooo!! first person 2 rate make a reapeating crossbow that is like a bolt or something, i know iz been done but they are part consuming

OK, I said original, NOT A REAL GUN! Please listen!

Dat rifle in the left hand corner of the picture.  With mods of course.

Lol. I said original rifle, not AR-4v3. Your rifle is cool, though. BTW, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! YOU ARE MY 800TH COMMENTER. YAY!!!!!!!!(How the heck does Mozilla not recognize "yay"?)

If it was me, I'd use that gun lol.  BTW, new title on the ible.  I did it to spite a hater who rated ALL my ibles down.  It's not that I care about ratings, but if the ratings of ALL your ibles drop at the exact same time, you know someone hates you.

AWP or Dragunov SVD