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What's Hot on Instructables Today? Answered

See which Instructables are getting the most pageviews today:




8 years ago

Cool. This might come in handy sometime...

How often do you change the ones that are fed by Google ads across the top?
e.g. AlexTheGreat 's cube, or slambert 's Drawing for Non-Majors using analog and digital tools.
Personally I'm really tired of seeing the same things every day, when the site is constantly updated.


We'll happily take user-submitted ads.

I know this would be a bad place to start a Image submission avalanche, but after searching the entire site (and others) for instructions on how to make the current, 2009 homepage ads/images, I decided to just analyse an existing photo and build my own copy. If you could please tell us, in a different topic of course, how we are precisely produce these 2009 homepage images, me and many other instructables members would be very pleased. I know you guys really do your best, which is still the best but this would really help.

Anyway, here is my image, and my



How do we do that - construct the images and... or build the gif and... (thanks) L

Teh_muffinator made a couple of ibles on it, but they seem to be a little out of date... :\

O RLY? >Gets to work< Let's see, I think one of teh interns had an ible way back when...must find it...

Hey, IDK if they still want them, but a while back you could submit your own.

... and not a single one is a KNEX 'ible.

Hahahaha. I initially read this as "Who's Hot on Instructables Today?". I thought, "Oh, boy, that's some pretty bad spam. Better go flag it and tell Eric..." Cool though!

Since it's coming from Eric, a "Who's Hot at Instructables Today?" could be construed as harrassment (unless the answer is always Christy, every day :-).

I'm so, so tempted to make an awesome desktop widget. xD There will be about 20 objects in class hot_on_instructables_today - but they'll never be called, object Christy will be staticly displayed in answer to the query. :D

Indeed! That's why I laughed when I saw it. Hehehe. Well he said pretty much that exactly when I asked him on his instructable on carrying washers around...

Is this going to become an actual search option somewhere?

Probably not. We use it internally to get a feel for what's going on, and where traffic is coming in to the site.

Hm, actually I bet I could make a quickie style to incorporate that until it's implemented/if it isn't...

Nice! is there another place you can find the link so we dont have to find this page first?