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I've been gone for the past few years, but I've recently been using Instructables a lot for new projects and of course the food.
I'm thinking about getting back into the community & everything, so I was wondering, what's all the new stuff that's been going on?



;o; i haven't been on instructables in so so long.

Ooo, I haven't posted much in the way of ibles, but I have been VERY busy.

I will never forget the story you told about losing a ton of old stamps by accidentally leaving them somewhere damp, letting them all stick together. Heh, good times.

Well, it wasn't a ton really, only a block of four stamps, bought as a collecter's investment; they were rare and I paid about $500 for them....then they got damp and stuck together, making them utterly worthless.

I love how that was almost identical to the first time you told me.

Ah, look who showed up! wb.

Really, just look in the mirror. And what have you been up to?

< dusts off cartoon pencils >

Greetings from Hurricane Sandy. Things at ibles have never been the same since you disappeared. Are you fulfilling your geek potential in college or something?

Graduated high school in June of 2012 on a cloudy, gloomy summer night. Unfortunately couldn't get any classes, extreme emphasis on the "any", at school, so I took the semester off and started working with art, music, and photography. Mostly film over digital. Arts & crafts are definitely still a must.

Don't forget to turn off the date/time stamp on your photos, unless that is your style.

Hahah, I shall keep that in mind. I hope to meet everyone within the instructables community someday.

Not much. I've mainly just been hitting refresh on the homepage for 5 years.

Whaaaaaaaat! Hello sir!

Welcome back :D

I work here now, that's new and awesome!

Thanks! I still really want an Instructables Robot plush!
That is also new and awesome!

Welcome back!

I've drifted away too. College. Learning stuff, seeing stuff, meeting new people.

Gotta come back for the food ;)


5 years ago

Welcome back! We missed you.

Um... more of the same, with extra Halloween, Arduinos, food, and 3D printing? Also, HQ moved to downtown SF about 4 years back. Our sister co Makani is still at the tower, so we can still visit, but we're somewhere with better lunch. :)

What's new for you? You look significantly taller than last time we saw you.

I remember the HQ moving! I've always wanted to check it out. I graduated high in June of 2012, and unfortunately I couldn't get any classes this semester for college, so I took the semester off and I've been working a lot with music, art & photography. I'm about 5'10 or 5'11ish, the tallest in my family now. I was a little twerp back then.
I've been planning a road trip to SF this December with a bunch of friends, but I have a certain friend who has been using Instructables for almost as long as I have, and we would both love to come check out the HQ or do geeky stuff together if you guys would like that?

Well, look what the cat dragged in!

Welcome back, GM!

Thanks! Even though I wasn't around for a while, I'd always show a couple of friends the video of you going through the first batch of the Instructables card game because I remember being seen in the video.

Oh, yeah - Hi, GorillazMiko! It's been forever! I think you saw it during its peak, but it's great to see you again. :)

Whoa. You were one of the Old Ones when I joined; welcome back!

What's new? Instructables is now a vassal fiefdom of Autodesk. 3D printing is all the rage. Wearable circiuitry is all the rage. K'nex is all the rage.

There are some "value added" features of I'bles for which you have to either pay for access, or create an awesome I'ble which gets Featured (and then you get access for free).

The number of annoying and unlistenable pop bands has increased exponentially...oh, wait, that's just me getting old. Never mind...

>Instructables is now a vassal fiefdom of Autodesk.


Hey! That's not nice!

The preferred term is courtesan.