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Whats a good cheap rc pack for a beginner? Answered

Hi every one Im a novice at this, so I have a question: Whats a good cheap rc pack for a beginner? Also what does channel mean, is it how manyservos it can have?


Are you planing to run cars or fly planes/copters? Frequencies are like channels on the TV. Cars run in the band allocated for cars and planes/copters run in the band allocated for aircraft. Frequencies are divisions in those bands. In aircraft there are at least 50 or more channels. In the car band there are probably as many Freq's. That allows several people to operate at the same time. As long as you are on a different freq. you can fly/drive at the same time and you won't interfere with each other. Under no circumstances can you turn on you transmitter while another transmitter on the same freq. is working. They will interfere and cause a crash, and then a fight if you're caught. The number of servos you need is determined by two things. Your transmitter and receiver will be limited to a certain number of channel. It has nothing to do with the freq. number though. Some simple transmitters have only one channel and some have as many as 12. You can run a 4 servo receiver with a transmitter that has a capability of more servos but you can only use 4 servos at that time. It's better to start out with a transmitter with more channels than you think you'll need because someday you'll upgrade. You can use a cheaper receiver with fewer channels. If you're using electric not gas then you'll need an electronic speed control that will use a channel for that. Good luck.

I am going to run a car. I am thinking of something with maybe, 5 servos. Can you recommend any brands?

Depends on what you want to spend you can get a really cheap RC toy at walmart for $20 or you can get a $50 hobby RC car at radio shack Channel means the operating frequency of the controller and the car, so if your controller is 27mhz, then your car will need to be 27mhz (usually RC cars come with the proper remote) Servos are motors, for a basic RC car you need 2 servos, one for steering and one for acceleration