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What's a good job for a 13 (almost 14) year old kid? Answered

I just got my tax file number, so I'm eligible to work. Any ideas? I'm living in Canberra, the capital of Australia, so it's a fair sized city. I also forgot to mention, BUT, say you suggest making things and selling them online, how do I sell them online, and how do I advertise? Or say you suggest odd jobs such as lawn mowing and cutting down small trees, how would I tell people about my service, and what if I'm only available Saturday or Sunday? I just need info like that, because even if I choose something, I probably wouldn't know how to start.



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Are there indoor or outdoor pools that need lifeguards? All you would need is to be certified in CPR and Lifeguarding/First Aid. I am not sure the regulations in Australia, but usually the center manager has information on how to receive those certifications.

This thread: https://www.instructables.com/community/How-can-a-13-year-old-make-money-without-aproachin/

seems to fit your profile perfectly. It has numerous responses and you could find an idea there.

It is getting colder in Australia correct? I am unsure if it snows in Canberra, but if it does you could shovel snow for some side cash.

You could also visit your local restaurant and ask if they need any bussers. These are the guys and girls that clear the tables after the customer finishes eating.

Do you have a flower nursery near you? They always need people to water the plants, and you could ask them if they need your help.

Here is what I did for a little while, I held a helping hand service. I went to peoples homes and did the small jobs that they have around. The biggest I would do is changing oil on cars, and fixing small wiring jobs. I would do some other things too. To advertise, I made some cards, and flyers.

Nice, sounds like a suitable job. Are there any sites that have all the can do's and can't do's of Australian working kids?

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Paper delivery. Babysitting. Pet sitting. Dog walking. Gardening / cutting lawns / painting fences. Shop-work (such as helping grocers set out their fruit first thing in the morning, before you go to school). Doing the shopping for old folk (or anybody else who can't or doesn't want to go shopping themselves). Leafleting. Make something (jewellery, small electronics etc) and sell it at local markets or online.

You deliver leaflets - companies print advertising leaflets, and pay you to walk round town and hand them to people, or to post them through letterboxes.

Ah! Here we call them flyers, and are frowned upon by a lot of people... Its really bad pay here too, unfortunatly.

Hmmm... I'll deffinitelyy have to think about these, thanks for the help! I got a lot of replies in a short amount of time, it's really great.

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Quick thought: If you're going to offer to do something like snow shovelling, go around the neighborhood before the season starts, handing out cards with your phone number. Ideally, try to get customers lined up in advance, so you don't have to waste money-making time hunting for them. (Also, waiting until after the storm runs the risk that some of your potential customers have already dug themselves out.)


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i don't recommend paper boy (general term not being sexist) they make you stuff the flyers your self it might be a little nicer in Australia cause you dont have to drag your friday papers on a toboggan (inch thick a pice) through a foot of snow in -20 with wind chill (and didnt get tipped). if u did become a paper boy make shure its not a free paper (no tips)

We don't do tips in Australia for news paper boy, it just gets thrown in the front yard for you to collect.

thats easy enough but you probably want a better paying job try convince/corner stores they tend pay will and are usually short on staff or a small grocery (big box stores are hard to get to with out a car, even if you had a bike)

I would start with asking people close to you like family and friends.

Well im in your situation asn i'll ask the local old floks home

I would heavily suggest outdoor work if you are willing to do it. I have done odd jobs for three summers, and CameronSS worked with me last summer. We did anything from mowing to installing fences ( I highly suggest not doing this one). We also cleaned out old gardens, cut down small trees, and almost anything that was asked. Yes, I have always been under paid, but I still make enough to make it worthwhile. Also, I would suggest keeping track of what you make on a spreadsheet so you have experience doing that. If for no other reason, do outdoor work to encourage you to go to college. It makes one realize what physical labor is like.

Dishing washing, stock boy at grocery store