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What's are some good tools to put in a work bench? Answered

I want to build a custom work bench with with built in tools, but I don't know the most usefull tools to include and what would just be pointless.


If you were already working with this equipment then you should know what you used most and what could easily be replaced by a hand tool.
Unless you're a band saw expert then a hand saw+chop saw should get most things done unless you rip a lot of boards length wise. I would suggest the Stanley Fat Max handsaw, that thing is the fastest handsaw I've ever used and isn't a stretch to replace a table or band saw for the occasional long rip.

If you get creative I'm guessing you can build in most of those tools. I'm imagining the belt sander built into the table top and raising and lowering with a panel covering it, giving you back workspace, when it's lowered and not in use. The band saw and drill press could also both use the workbench surface as their working surfaces, as long as the controls were up and covered somewhere they will never get accidentally hit.

As we have NO IDEA what you want to do or work with we can't advise.

Please give more information.

Well I do a lot of metal and wood working at my grandfather shop but he's moving to a smaller house and I don't have alot of space to put all my equipment, so I'm tying to sort out what I'll need to keep and then try to cram it all in to custom work bench I'm building and what doesn't fit I'll down size to hand tools. So can you guys shoot me some ideas of what to keep and what I need to buy? Oh and it would help to tell you what I have, a grinder, belt sander, drill press, chop saw and a Band saw. Please and thank you.

+1 We need to know what do you plan to do on your bench,


5 years ago

You will probably get some better advice if you tell us what you are most interested in doing, but I'll pass along some general ideas.
Lots of electrical outlets: If you live in the U.S., I recommend you have at least three 110v 20 amp duplex outlets (one of which is GFCI protected), two 30 amp outlets and one 220v 40 amp outlet. Add more or change depending on the tools you need or want to get in the future.
A bench top drill press.
A bench grinder.
A combo desk light/magnifying glass.
A "clean shelf/drawer" for an old PC or laptop.


Answer 5 years ago

And a small bench vise.