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Whats missing on this treadmill motor/controller wiring setup? Answered

[SEE PIC...yellow wire=white wire, by the way]

Disclosure: I am an electronic/electrical moron, keep that in mind.

I bought this box lot of treadmill motor/controller/belt/5k pot/etc. in the hopes of building a variable speed wood lathe.This is how it was in the box. It seems right except I dont know whats missing (at lower left of pic). Black wire and Blue wire ends have female spade connectors. Connecting to what?
If a switch, maybe,  to each other, I cant see the AC volt is suppossed to connect to the DC motor. Again, what do I know.


Well, I just wired the blue and black together and EVERYTHING WORKS!!  Knowing that now, I have more questions:

How do I wire up another motor I have (36 v DC scooter motor) that only has the 2 wires (red/black) instead of using the treadmill motor?

If I ran the motor on batteries, do I need the controller at all?... and how do I then wire up the 5k pot to make the motor variable speed?

Thanks guys.
Yeah, the lower left is a 3 wire cord. I was thinking switch, but like Nacho said, AC to DC confused me...as much as the question mark on steveastrouk's  first answer LOL.

I guess the right side of my bad drawing is called a choke. Not sure of its function, maybe some sort of resistance or ??

I'll  hook up a rocker switch and have the fire extinguisher ready. Just didn't want to burn things up before I even got started.

.  Assuming that the part being pointed to is a power cable, then it would sure make sense that the left side black and blue wires would be connected to an on/off sw. But why would you feed AC to a DC motor? I'm confused.

I think the driver card is a phase controlled rectifier - the motor is a "mains" voltage rating, the driver makes DC