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What's some good, free, audio/video editing software? Answered

I've been wanting to record some of my own music for a while now, but it's difficult with my "band" consisting of just me. My general goal is to make videos much in the same way that Pomplamoose, Alex Goot, and other band-less Youtube musicians do. So my question is: Does anyone know of any software that would allow me to show multiple video clips/parts at once? And/or some good, free audio editing software so I could pre-edit the audio and just sync it up to the video? Any suggestions would be helpful, and if you can show me something open source, that'd be fantastic! Thank you!


Not sure what you mean by "good" free audio editing software... it really depends what you are used to using... I personally would recommend Audacity for open source audio editing (especially if you are not used to using professional mixing software - audacity is a great place to start - I have used it to record and mix my own music - it is relatively straight forward... but has a lot to play with too)... for video I would recommend different software depending on your setup... what platform are you using Mac, Linux, PC?

If you haven't played with video editing before... you could try Avidemux as it's open-source and simple to use... but also has heaps of additional tools... of course with XP/Vista you will have Windows Movie Maker preinstalled... and there is lots you can make it do (however, I feel a little constricted by it's limitations)... now slightly moving away from traditional video editors, Blender3D is actually a powerful open-source 3D animation suite but it has a great sequence editor that you can use to edit your video/audio (seems a waste of all that animation power but it works well)...

Basically, what ever you decide to use... you will get good at it and be able to push the limits... hope you find what you are looking for... all the best

Some time (3 years actually) ago I used OpenVIP ( http://openvip.sourceforge.net/ ) to edit video, but the project now looks a bit silent.

pitivi and the mac program i forget what its called imovie i think

I'm not sure about the video (Windows usually comes with the standard stuff), but Audacity is wonderful with audio.