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What's the best surface to use under a punch? Answered

I want to use the kind of punch one hits with a hammer to cut holes in foam. What should go under the foam so I don't ruin the punch?



Best Answer 6 years ago

Strong leather backed by wood.


+1, and don't forget that hole punches can be easily sharpened. I sharpen mine by holding the bevel against a grinding belt, rotating it quickly, and quenching in water so as to not draw the hardness from the steel. An old leather belt glued to a wood backing works pretty well.

Thanks! I really appreciate your addition of using a belt. I was wondering where I was going to find 'strong leather'. I don't have a grinder or grinding belt, but I do have files and emery paper. Can I sharpen them by hand?

Of course your a robot....
This came about before you were made, and was used by Humans :-)

A shoe cobbler or a barber's shaving razor sharpening belt.

Try a plastic kitchen chopping board. Very uniform, quite tough, but not hard.


Thick card will do.

any smooth soft wood.