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What's the best way to keep the dog from digging under the fence? Answered

We've tried so many things, like putting big rocks and cement blocks where he digs but he just moves them! We really need a way to keep him in the fence.


A more passive method might be to use pepper spray on the area you want the dog to stay away from (do not spray dog!).

Dogs have sensitive noses, it will only take a whiff for (s)he to leave it well alone. This method should also work for other animals as well. Reapply to area as necessary.

hope this helps!

My dogs will not dig through their own waste so I put their droppings into any holes they dig around the yard and fence. I have Chihuahuas and mini poodles. Works like a charm!

When we still had our old dog my brothers dog never tried digging out :(

It would take a fair amount of effort, but digging a trench a foot or two deep under the fence, then burying chain link/chicken wire should discourage digging.

If the problem area is relatively small, you could hammer metal rods into the ground. You could also pour a larger concrete block.

There is a type of plant called dog-be-gone that my mom uses in the garden to keep our dogs out. It works somewhat.

What I suggest is to place some pants such as roses, raspberry, or any thing else that has thorns would discourage your dog from going near the fence.