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What's the best way to look after my new guitar? Answered

Well...It's a brand new Marteniz acoustic guitar (steel-string) and I was wondering what sort of things could I do to it to keep it in the highest nick possible?? I've got a case for it (a hard-case).



Few things you could do are:
-get a case humidifier for it. this will help prevent warping or cracking.
-clean the strings and fret's often
-keep it in a stand in a safe place.
-when playing, don't wear clothes with buttons
-never leave it in a hot places like the boot of car, a closet in summer, etc.
-polish it if it is looking dirty
-when not in use for an extended period, tune down the strings
-keep it an a hard case
-watch your surroundings when playing to avoid bumping into things
-when carrying the guitar keep a firm grip on the neck and watch for doorways
-use a pick guard
-oil the tuners if possible

Hermetically-seal the case, and never, ever play it...

I had a beautiful Spanish Aranjuez guitar in a hard case for years. A soft case tends to mess with the guitar tuning. Keep the guitar clean of dust and treated with any wood protector product. Buy an electronic tuning device to keep your instrument sounding great. Place your guitar always on a stand when not in use (it makes a nice ornament in any living space). And don't let anyone mess with the keys unless they know what they are doing.


6 years ago

The hints already mentioned are really good (although I think it defeats the guitar's purpose if you hermetically seal the case once the guitar is in there ;-) ).

But one more thing...
...if you play the guitar using a strap, make sure the shirt you're wearing isn't tucked into your trousers if you wear trousers with a belt. The belt buckle will likely scratch the back of the guitar.

Ok, another thing:
My sweat on my hands seems pretty agressive, so I always had problems with corroded strings. I switched to gold plated strings and wipe them off with string cleaner/lubricant (it's from Gibson and it's called Luther's choice) after every use. My strings are now holding up much longer.

Never Never stand it against the wall - either in it's case or on a stand. (don't ask how I know how much a new neck costs!)

Polish and make sure you play over the finger guard to avoid scratching the polish with your plectrum or fingers.

Maybe after you play it you should wipe off finger oils and prints to make it look nice, make sure the amp you plug it into is in ship shape order to prevent any electronic problems...that is if you are extremely worried about it that much...If you don't as much just get a strap to make sure it doesn't drop and always put it back in the case after every use.