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What's the best way to make a "Billie Jean" style auto-lighting sidewalk? Answered

I want to use this system for a small-scale system - a desk that automatically lights up in certain areas when items are placed on them - and think the sidewalk is a good place to start. Any ideas?


I guess you could just put pressure sensors under the surface that you are going to use, and when the pressure sensors detect weight, they could make that panel light up.

Put Foce sencitive switches under the light boxes.

They had a guy press buttons.

steve martin did this on SNL, the lights failed )-:

obviously those are on switches someone controls them not a push-on action.

or...in order to be cost effective, they had them placed in the spots where he was supposed to walk and he deviated from the plan on purpose....or you could be right.

Pressure pads with lights under it?

This is quite the project, that requires time, and money. you have to build a full area wherethe tiles will sit. this can be constructed using mdf, plywood anything really. but within the "sidewalk" you need tiles. i suggest thick plexi glass sanded. obviously under that a form of light, as suggested below a LED array would best fit what your trying to achieve. now the tils should be on springs that when stepped on will lower and conect the connection, very much like the way a DDR pad works, fortunately tons of people have written tutorials as to how to build them. Here is just one for example:


read about how they make the switches for there feet. connect this to a 12v connectio and the led array and boom theres your touch switch. But do a little more research on the Dance Dance Revolution builds and you should find a decent way of building these switches. besides that mechanics of the switches, i feel the rest is just wood working, or construction skills, dang i wish you lived closer so i could help :) hope this gives you an idea as to what needs to be done. one major project.

so i have no idea what the answer is... but i did see an interview with the director of the music video recently, and it sounded like the lights lit in a particular pattern, and the dancing was choreographed around them, not the other way around!


9 years ago

put the tiles on springs strong enough to support the weight of the tile then put switches that are depressed (ha, emo electronics) and complete an led circuit....or use a PVDF sensor as steveastrouk said...

I did some years back using PVDF sensors to detect a "change" in weight on a tile, rather than the absolute weight. PVDF is a piezoelectric plastic and can be bought very cheaply. THe output voltagefrom the sensor is high enough to be easy to amplify with a very simple circuit, then used to trigger a TRIAC to power a light. Steve

Microswitches under tiles?