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Whats the best way to mix greensand? Answered

I'm looking to start aluminum casting, and I'd like to try sand casting. I'm on a TIGHT budget, so I need something for about twenty bucks. What the best formula for greensand?



Best Answer 7 years ago

I love this guy's site, I've picked up some nice DIY tips here;

Greensand Casting

The Gizmology site is a good resource. Basically 9 parts fine sand (silica sand), 1 part bentonite clay, 3% water by weight.

Ceramic supply stores or Clay supply stores have both on hand. I paid $27 for 50 lbs of silica sand and 10 lbs of bentonite.

Happy casting!

Then let the water dry off in the sun?

new to the greensand casting and having same problems everyone else has tracking down clay. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to make bentone clay from bentonite clay at home for oil bonded greensand recipe. I was thinking maybe some dawn soap, water and two stroke motor oil. Just a wild idea to use what is available to me. I have experience with wax casting crown n bridge but none of this

If you make your own (see Burf's reply for Best Answer!) please wear a dust mask. Inhaled bentonite powder can cause silicosis and other "delayed respiratory diseases." Here's the MSDS.

There are lots of formulae on the web. Bentonite is often used in Kitty litter so can be obtained quite cheaply that way.