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What's the best way to store fresh coffee beans? Answered

I'm typically using the beans for espresso. I have found that freezing them reduces the crema I can get out of them.


ideally an airtight container or a mabye even a vacuum packed container. ensure that the inside of the container is clean, dry and contains no strong smells/odours (apart from the coffee you're storing!!) do not store in direct sunlight. store in a dark place if the container is clear. do not store next to anything with a strong smell- Eg: garlic/onions. if you are going to store them for a long time- then freeze them. but defrost before you brew. (and only defrost what you need)

How long can I keep them on the container before having to freeze them?

This would depend on 2 things:
#1: how fresh they were (I assume they are roasted already)
#2: Where they were stored before you got them.

#2 you can't do much about, except buy them elsewhere if you find they are kept in a warm to hot environment for any length of time.

From what I understand, Coffee beans do not stay "fresh" for more than a day after roasting. The best way then is to either use the coffee within a week of it's being roasted, OR place them, as has been advised by Keyboardisbroken, in an air tight container and freeze them. The reason for the container being airtight is 2 fold.
#1: is keeps the beans from picking up the smells and tastes of other aromatic things in the freezer and
#2: because they themselves are aromatic, they will loose their taste if not airtight.

Even Frozen, I wouldn't keep the beans much longer then a few weeks (3-4) if you want the best flavor.

After opening, coffee beans are only good about a week. If they are ground, only about a day. The people above gave great storage ideas. I'd suggest just buying the amount you need every week and not storing any for long periods of time to get the freshest taste possible. Never store coffee beans in the freezer. This almost instantly ruins the flavor of the bean. All of the flavor is dependent on preserving the oils in/on the bean, which is why freezing them or why dried out beans taste so different.

I suggest buying a ball jar seen below or any airtight container. Store in freezer. ¬°IMPORTANT NOTE! Let the coffee beans return to room temperature before you brew!


Im not quite sure but I know my parents store them in the freezer