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What's the matter with me? Answered

I'm hot and tired. I've wasted the past three years hunting down sites like this one. I print out reams of instructions for projects. I buy everything I need to make things. But there's never any time. Maybe I should have settled for just one dog. Two is a lot of work. Ya think?


From the looks of it, we've all been there. Right now, most of my time goes to my job, my son, and my two parrots. Money is a factor too. Things are tight these days in my household and basically if my little DIY projects cant be produced either free or cheap, they don't happen at all. On top of that, I live in an old colonial home turned into two apartment units, so space is at a premium. So I used 1/2 of the basement, not the best work area (lowish ceiling), but it works, I haven't had the time to go down there and really tinker for a while anyway. Don't let it get to ya! It just makes it that much better when you finally get the time to make something.

On your next day off, sleep in as late as you possibly can, then do all that stuff that everybody else is saying. When I try hard enough, I can go to sleep at midnight and sleep until 4 or 5 pm the next day. It's awesome. And at least 2 dogs means they can entertain each other instead of relying 100% on you for entertainment, right?

you sound pretty normal to me- sad but true. what works for me is to collect ideas and 'ibles, peruse them occasionally, then keep my eyes open for the bits and pieces needed to make something (whatever 'it' is)- with this method i never feel overwhelmed by what'snot done but enjoy anticipating finding the pieces needed. your dogs are like everyone else in your life- they will never stop demanding your energy- it is up to you to decide how much you will give- the dogs and everyone else will learn to accept what they get- and probably be just fine with it. hope this helps

Relax, get a massage, and try to get organized. Plan ahead of time what you're going to do and try to be patient.

Relax. Chill out.

If the dogs are stopping you doing something, get a neighbourhood kid to walk them for you - spending a few dollars on the kid's time will stop all the cash you have spent on materials being wasted.

Then, prepare a dog-free space to work in. I have a shed, where I can leave part-finished projects lying around safely, because my wife knows not to tidy it and my boys know not to disturb it. If you don't have space for a shed, try fitting out a room, or even a large cupboard, as a dog-free work-zone.

Failing that, get one of those large tool-chests with a tray that lifts out of the top - you can leave part-finished projects on the tray and close the lid.

Or maybe, after all, you are being too ambitious? Start small, make some card models or LED throwies. Try a few recipes, and as you progress you can then move onto all those grand schemes that are waiting in your files.

Nothing's wrong with you mate, you're just stressed out. You're spending too much time on what ever it is and it's wearing you down. Try find a special person to spend time with and before you know it you'll be feeling happier with yourself, and physically better too. Try not to spend so much time with "duties" and more time to yourself if you can. Hope things start looking up!

Don't worry Betsyk. It happens to us all. Nothing is at all the matter with you.
I suggest you plan. Find a few weeks when you life isn't completely over-scheduled. Opt to take an hour, or some other increment of time, out from each day in that set of weeks to devote to your project. Then, before you know it, you are done and ready to go. This method is especially helpful when you are writing an instructable, as you can write a new piece every day as a step! There you go Betsyk, show us what you can do.
Happy hacking~Skyfinity