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What's the most simplified way to light up an XBOX 360 once you have a window installed? Answered

I have 2 XBOX 360's that I'm trying to mod myself.  One, with blue lights and one with red lights.  I already have the Talismoon fans and the Talismoon wind tunnel.  I just need to know if there is  anything else that I can easily wire up that would brighten up the case.  I have a soldering iron but that's hard for me.  I've already ruined 2 controllers.  I need more practice.  I can paint controllers and cases pretty good but the electronic part is what's hard for me.  Thanks for any help.

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RavingMadStudios (author)2010-03-14

Red is easy. Just tape over all the vent holes and it'll light up red all by itself within a few minutes. ;-)

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lemonie (author)2010-03-14

Have a look at what some other people did:
instructables xbox mods
-for ideas.
If you're in need of improvement with soldering:
instructables soldering


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