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What's the proper transformer for a mini tesla coil with no nst? Answered

The wire I had for the secondary coil coolness 65 feet and the primary is vertically wound around the secondary I think a neon sign trans is to high voltage maybe if I build the right cap it'll work or do you think I should do.d a smaller one. And I want it to wirelesslypower a fluorescent light also if without the best can I build the receiver take its energy useable for more electronocs


Ok what is purpose the federal com board I was thinking therapeutic experiments and That might limit my options in such experiments

I am sorry if  a "federal com board" might limit your options.

Neither I or the two reference pointer projects in answer to your
original question covered that topic.

I am an engineer ( probably 3 times your age ) and federal involvements
are not in my expertise or interest in any  way !

Perhaps you should ask another question ... or  bring this up in the forums...

Ok didn't meant to do that. I was wondering if this will work refer to pic


It's based on this schematically what in really asking is how to wire and if it's even enough

Labels are correct and I'm wondering what xfmr means and its a foil cap three cups I imaged the surface area would give me the charge to to resonate it's three large fast food cups

For instance how far could you with 12 iches of raw power light a fluorescent tube

Sorry guys last. Time I had a 5kvolts neon sign transformer and 12 inches with a 2 foot diameter primary and afraid to touch build after I bought one from school supply store

Give it the juice,
Be ready to pull it too :)

Cap sounded like it was arcing but no burns and no arc in gap this is strange to me because the one I had before races without a cap it looked like fire instead of blue lightening

It answered big cap running it works tell I find a lot of enamel copper wire

Some years ago at burning man I saw a set of Tesla coils on both 
ends of a semi trailer roof that easily lit-up gas tubes at ten feet.

XFMR is old electronic engineering reference for transformer.

After you find a suitable XFMRI think your primary needs a bigger capacitor of about 10KV  o.001uF.

A lot of your questions can be answered by reading the components 
paragraphs in  http://www.hvtesla.com/design.html  ..

The tesla coil of this size once running properly how big of a diameter should it energize without a spark for therapeutic effect once I figure out variableeffects

I do not expect to be able to help you that much with a fluorescent-ballast
transformer (which is designed to put out ionizing open circuit voltage
and act as a current limit once current conduction occurs). 
This is Not a NST it is more like a Sola style transformer.

BTW ( wrong XFMR ) but your wiring matches your schematic
if my labels are correct.
I really do not understand your capacitor, is it foil on two sides of a tube or
water in a jar?

You do appear to have the Black &  White primary wires
properly selected for power.  
This bespeaks well for you and commemorates a great chance
that you will live through this experimenting stage in your life span :-)

Nice tesla coil a weak one but I bet it works, now take what you learned and go bigger.