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What's your post count? Answered

Well? Check it.


Instructables: 15 Forum Topics: 80 Comments: 3,792 this as of 1/25/09, and not counting this post.

1586 comments. 16 instructables. 236,000 views. Not to shabby. :)

2,797, 15 ibles, 60,000 page views (roughly)

60.000 page views? How did you find that out?


Adding up the total number of views on my ibles.

Oh, I see... So I have roughly 125,115 page views... Average view of each instructable is: 7189.6875 views. And the most viewed instructable in plasma globe tricks. (48,509 views)

RS, 230017 page views at time of writing... Average of 4792.02 per 'ible... Granted I have made 48... Oddly though most of it is accounted for by the oldest or the newest, most of the middle ones are low on views, guess I must have hit a slump at some point...

You really know how to make a guy feel... insignificant... Currently: 72,583 total 17,600 sumat How to Pop a Pimple, most viewed 4,536 average per ible (16 published) 1/8 are featured, which really ups the views + 2,000+ forum topic comments

You average 255.58 more views per published ible.

Umm, NO... Take a look a the photo closely that was your 468th comment...


Jeez one number off it might have been when I deleted one of my comments.

23 instructables: 73 forum topics: and 4717 comments as of this post :-P

6446 as of this post... 48 instructables. 43 forum topics. Wow just noticed I've been here a year, a month and 15 days.

Holy crap... in one year... HAH! I'VE BEEN AROUND LONGER THAN YOU!!

Ha! And I made more comments than you each day!

this is inaccurate, as there is a comment bug that is giving credit to a person for comments he did not post..................

8979, including this one. That can't be right - that's an average of only 9 a day since I joined... Did I really talk so little at the beginning?

How do you find out my post number?????????? I cannot see it any where! Please help me!

from your home page click "view persona" scroll around, you'll find it.

Did instructables moved the stat to another place? or I cannot see it? In the photo, that is where the comment stats used to be, but not any more.. :(


I's right above where your recent comments are.

Ah yes! I see it! Thank you! Now, I have 1651 posts - including this one.

Uh I'm not sure I think it's around 1.2k but I'm too lazy to check 10s and 1s. Rather annoying considering I'm usually only on for those stupid knex instructables...I thought I might as well get included in the rest of the community so that I won't be completely hated.

3786 (make that 87)

How do you know that? I can't view mine. Or anyone's for that matter.

I had checked it a couple days ago... But the post count thing seemed to be down... Oh well...

7,524. That's including this one.

3441 with this one.