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What's your veiw on the problem? Answered

Recently I've been observing some comments on the knex instructables that need not be there. If you have a comment about how much you love or hate knex gun instructables, please post a comment here rather than posting mindless nonsense on other peoples' instructables.


Though I enjoy Knex guns, I'm not too proud of the community around them. Maturity "equivalent to that of mosquito larvae" sums up 80% of them. Most have great ideas and make good guns, but I feel like I'm playing Knex with a bunch of little kids... But as embarrassing as it is to be a part of the Knex community, I still like most of them, however immature they are.

rocketscientist2015: Because I'm a conceited ass, I want to point out that I made the first machine gun, not PerfectDuck. =P

I must say, I agree. Some members are like 8 years old! Hmm... Maybe someone should make a "K'nex gun" website. Yeah, yeah, I know, I have to post an Instructable soon. :-/

It makes me think... Don't you have to be 13 to sign up for Instructables in the first place?

True but there is no way to check if you are really 13.

I signed up two months before my 13th b-day, which is 3-25, i signed up on 1-26. But i'm 13 now. Ropple 07 claims he's 8, btw.

yes but no one actually writes hes true age in that case right? btw im 13...

well, when i still was twelve and i wanted to get one a american site, i jsut didn't fill in my real age, because here in europe COPPA isn't on. so i actually wasn't really doing bad things, mostly because i allmost got thirteen at those times :P

And you are killing the internet for the rest of up, because your parents are going to bitch and whine about how they want the internet to be a safe place for you, even though you are in places you shouldn't be.

Most of the knex community is just a bunch of little kids, look on you tube, most of the people displaying guns are under the age of 11. Perfect duck, KILLERK, you, and a couple others arent so young

hence "and a couple others" I only listed the people I knew were older like oodalumps and Killerk who I knew were older from videos.

Forgot about me and smidge146. I'm almost 16 and he already is.

I do remember doing a survey of K'nex Instructables, most were 'my first instructables' (in a Fisher-Price way), but I noted that yourself and mepain had made the most contributions to the community.
In simple terms, it's very easy to make a K'Nex gun and post an Instructable. That's why there are so many, and why people complain so much.


Ahhhh, well his is still friggen' awesome. I was wondering wether the "mosquito larvae" comparison would be quoted.

I was the first to post pictures. = P

So are you the self appointed Knex Police? I don't recognize your authority.

Yes! we shall eliminate the spamming SCUM that preys on the poor knexer's instructables and then bannish them to Yahoo!! muhahaha

aahhh,u guys are makeing a big deal out of all these knex non-constructive comments. Just get over it, you dont need other peoples opinion on things and actually respond,thats what they want you to do,just leave the non-constructive knex people alone and they will gradualy go away(remember everyone we have a be nice comment policy,just wanted to remind you)

Yes, but the problem is that some knex haters search around for the word Knex and then immediately rate it to 0.5* without even looking at it.

The real problem with Knex isn't maturity but rather volume. There are so many knex instructables that it just gets too repetitive. I liked instructables when i signed up because of the amazing variety of subjects covered. Now, even through that diversity is still there, it feels like its nothing but Knex. It gets boring after a while.

True. Even though I am a knexer myself, I agree with you.

We're working on tools for that, too- trying to figure out how to let you sort and filter the projects so you can actually get what you're looking for.
25 projects came in yesterday, and there are already 10 up today- at that rate, a you need a filter.

That said, the proportion of K'nex projects isn't terribly high- it's mainly perception.

maybe if you studied knex and looked at the new knex insrtructables,you can turn down the waaaaaay lame ones

Does anyone here think that the K'NEX community is a little IMMATURE?

I agree, the level of maturity in the greater population of the K'nex Gunners is equivelant to that of mosquito larvae. However some of the negatizm recieved by the Knex Gunners makes sense. As a generalized rule, most of them are poorly documented, poor pic, copies of somebody else's. If Killerk had copyrighted his gun, well, he'd be rolling in dough from the lawsuits.
I had the misfortune of posting my gun (which took me weeks to make) a day or two after the VT massacres, that was a big mistake, it spontaneously combusted a discussion on guns (ask LasVegas and rimar2000 about it).
However, not all of them are this way. PerfectDuck's gattling gun is a work of enginering art, Kilerk's gun is so simple yet effective, it's been copied more times than the Mona Lisa.
Yes there is definetly a problem in the Knex Gunners area, but until some brave soul decides to wade through the thousands of posts, Its just going to stay that way

we're not immature, we build with knex because we like to engineer. And it's probably pretty hard to just go forge a real gun with real materials so we use knex.

Its cool you like to engineer. Its not cool that you guys constantly bicker at eachother over the silliest of things.

This forum post for example...It is about elementary school bickering between everyone in the KNEX Community. Nothing against you, I just think it is really annoying, and everyone who is involed with the "ur a butt head" posts need to grow up. -B

Bickering only occurs when people start flaming the Knex community...

lol? what dose "bickering" mean?!?!? lol?

It means people don't like each other and comment about that.

There might be a reason for that.

You might not be, I might not be, but come on, posting 50 variations of the same gun, and refusing to use something resembling human language in posts is a little bit much. At any given time, 1/3 of the forum topics are knex guns, and most of them are guns that aren't even Instructables yet. I don't have problems with knex guns, but I've got some serious problems with knex gunners.

Hey! I'm not a mosquito larvae!

I want you to know that this was officially the first knex gun with the slingshot mech; https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Sniper-With-New-Firing-System/ So this one was made before killerk posted his SR-v1.

And about 6 months ago, we defenatly had some stupid knex guns on this site which were copies or had poor instructions. Try and search around for the guns now and you will see that they look much better and that simple bolt actions are more rare now.

Also there are more posts of other uses of knex then guns; there are a lot of cars, ball machines, funfair rides, and some other cool stuff.

You also posted below that you have some troubles with knex gunners. Please don't say knex gunners are bad, say that some people on this planet are bad.

Hmmmmmm, KILLERK's gun could also be compared to the AK-47, best assault rifle made to date. Both are simple yet powerful, and both have been copied by many people around the globe

I completly agree. And there's TO DAMN MANY OF THEM! (both, Killerk's and AK-47's)

not killerk it is (your name here)'s cannon.