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When I view my own instructable pages, does it count toward my total views? Answered

I'm new to this site, but I have posted 2 instructables. I was just wondering if the total view count that is displayed under Stats includes the times when I view my own instructables. If so, that's kind of sad (ha ha!) because I've clicked on my own pages a lot.  




yes it does since it will be included into your final add up but it doesnt continue to work it stops after one or two hits

I do believe it does. It may only count the first hit and not subsequent hits from the same location (someone verify please?)

. I just finished reloading this page 6-7 times and the view count only incremented on the first reload. Not knowing what the count was before I got here, it looks like I got counted twice.

. Hmmmmm. But when I closed the page and re-opened it (using a link to a comment, not the page link I used before) the count jumped 7 (18 before, 25 now). Maybe my browser was pulling from the cache, but I used ctrl-reload and alt-reload to try to force a fresh re-load.

Good idea. I didn't think to try that. Just now I opened up one of my instructables and it didn't increase the total views or the today views counters. I kept reloading the page and the stats didn't increase. Maybe it counts subsequent hits from someone who is not the author, but when the author loads the page, it doesn't count...? Any thoughts? Thanks for the help!

. It is very common for web sites to use unique hits/unique visitors where an IP address only gets counted once per day or so. I'm rather surprised that I was able to bump the count more than 1. Unless 7 ppl just happened to view the page while I was closing/re-opening.

Thanks for the help! I want to select yours as the best answer, but I think you would have to copy and paste your last post as a new comment instead of a reply before the Select As Best Answer button would show up.

. meh. Not a big deal. Thanks anyway. ;)

Not morally. ;-)

It adds to the total