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When Zombies Attack! Answered

From the University of Ottowa:
A mathematical modeling of an outbreak of Zombie infection
With citations, graphs and MATLAB code.

As seen in the movies, it is imperative that zombies are dealt with quickly, or else we are in a great deal of trouble.



8 years ago

Well I better start digging a moat and making a bunker than.

>works faster on bunker

I've got a lot of texas limestone to get through, I'm only a foot and a half down and I've been digging for a week!

If you can drill a proper hole in it, I can tell you how to do the rest. But you might get a little visit from the BATF.


8 years ago

The whole key is to find an abandoned building at an airfield, an old asylum, a swamp, or a factory. Then, you and no more than 3 other survivors should try to board up as many windows as you can, and accumulate as many points as possible.

Points? What points? L

It's Nazi Zombie mode in Call of Duty.

This isn't about games though. L

I know, I was being facetious. Haha, that's what I hate about the internet. Tone is completely lost.

Yes it is, I get it now

That someone did the boring maths was the main point. No one's talked maths, but I guess no one likes maths around here?


I think there are two other people around here who like maths (okay, maybe four), but we don't necessary read every (non-Rob) Zombie posting.

Agreed, but I did pop a graph in as an image. Any thoughts on the method? L

I would definitely read a Rob Zombie post! Other zombie posts.... not so much.


8 years ago

Having read the attached PDF, I would like to say that shouldn't birthrate decrease relatively to the remaining male/female couples and wouldn't the fact that under a zombie attack hinder reproduction? assuming people are still getting down, to find the birthrate, we would need to find how much of the population are together, the percentage of straight couples, and the percentage of straight couples willing to have a child and should decrease relatively to the rest of the population.

according to the chart the normals drop to zero in 4.5 days, births would be irrelevant, the infants unable to survive on their own would perish with their parents.

Heheh, this graph certainly... (gets jumped by zombies) (Whips out shotgun) (DIE ZOMBIE SCUM!!!) (Calmly returns to computer) (Blogs the attack on facebook)

Can you explain the graph please?

Yeah, they only get a B for this project as they failed to properly define the time unit on the x axis.

The problem is they specify the axis as time, but not the time units used ie seconds, days, years,eons, etc. Major point killer in lab reports.

View the document, it's the MATLAB out put of the mathematical model. Time is in days, not seconds. L

It's only really of interest to mathematicians and geeks, but I thought the group could do with some content. L