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When do humans develop abstract reasoning? Answered

This is a great demonstration of abstract reasoning, and the lack thereof in small children.
Apparently kids will (almost) always fail this test up to age 4, and almost always pass after age 7. The magic transitional age varies, of course.

Parents and siblings, this should give some great hints on how to seem "fair" while still short-changing your child. ;)


Abstract reasoning, not until they are about 21... and only if they have lived out of the house for at least 6 months.. (( They may know it all between 7 and 21 but that is not abstract reasoning because most can't follow a simple set of rules that would result in a happy parent ))

I object! Abstract reasoning is present long before 21!

Ok Adrian monk and her brothers and sisters are exempt from this norm <> After all she is an instructables member so that does make her better then the rest of those know it all teenagers .... LOL

I do believe that in order to develop abstract thinking, one has to have a certain amount of information about the physical world. Up to around 5-7 years of age, children are just "taking it all in" and once enough is there to work with, they begin to organize it. This could lead to the ability to be "abstract".

videos not avalable, but is this the one that they poor water into different glasses and they determine which one has the most water? I saw it on TV once.


. "We're sorry, this video is no longer available." :(