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When do you use flux coated wire and when do you use gas ? Answered

I'm sure they overlap in some places but there must be reasons to use one or the other.

John O

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rustyinMSBest Answer (author)2017-02-24

I found that MIG welds "nicer" than flux-core (less splatter, cleaner welds, and I could weld thinner metal easier). But if you're outside, in breezy conditions, the wind can blow your MIG gas off your weld. Flux-core works better in windy conditions because the gas is contained in the wire, and is released as you weld.

Many MIG welders can be set up for either MIG or Flux-core. But if you're looking to get started welding on-the-cheap, you can get a flux core-only machine for less money because the machines don't have to include gas connections and valves, and you don't need to buy a gas bottle.

I chose an Eastwood MIG 135 welder, because it could be used for MIG or flux, and it operates on 110v. So far I've only used it for MIG; I like it as much as the Hobart Handler that I started with (and it was about half the price).

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