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When doing the diet coke and mentos project: which will go further- diet or regular? Answered


from what I remember from myth busters there isn't too much of a difference from diet or regular, diet is easier to clean up as it doesn't get all sticky like regular does after it sprays.

When the MythBusters did it, they found that diet went further. But why not try it for yourself? Set up a camera on a tripod at a known distance from your setup. Take pictures under both conditions, and you can see from the pictures which goes higher. Science is all about experimenting.

I've found that it purely depends on which is the fizzier of the two, as you are trying to get all the carbon dioxide to some out of the solution at the same time. I've found the absolute best is lemonade made with a soda stream/ DIY carbonating machine. "Fizz" your drink two or three times so that it is very, very fizzy, then let rip!!!