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When should I shape leather for a mask? Answered

I'm working on a steampunk gas mask out of leather currently, but I have some questions. My design is made out of five pieces so It will fit around my face, but I don't know when to shape it. Should I sew the pieces together then soak it and shape it around my whole face or is it better to shape each piece individually then sew them together? I'm punching holes in the leather then hand-sewing it with a leather needle and waxed thread. Any help is appreciated greatly.

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canucksgirlBest Answer (author)2012-01-16

Hi Noah,

The process of "Cuir Bouilli" which means making leather hardened (or boiled leather), is normally done with a full sized piece of leather, or in this case, sewn together pieces. So, you'll want to do that first. The next step would be to soak the leather and depending on your method, you'll need to secure the leather to a form and allow it to dry. Obviously you can't do that to your face.

If you research "Cuir Bouilli" on Google, you'll find many resources and methods used to achieve the result you're after.

Good Luck!

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jrahier (author)2012-04-16

why would you "Cuir Bouilli" then soak in water....stich the sides together then wet it down.to get final form

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noahh (author)jrahier2012-04-16

Thanks for the answer, but I've already finished the project.

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jrahier (author)noahh2012-05-08