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Where I can find resistors, capasitors, LEDs and tranistors cheap? Answered



I am selling electronic components on ebay for really cheap prices
i make custom part bag
and i can get requested parts for cheap
shipping depends on the final quantity and mainly to usa
if your interested pm me and i will direct you to my ebay page

I do my a large amount of scavenging from scrapped electronics. But when you need the component in new condition, I turn to amazon.com or ebay. You can find great deals in these places, and everything I have ordered thus far has been quality. Just do a search for the needed component.

take apart old/ broken electronics. e.g. old cassette player, vcr, multiple setting flashlights. I got five LEDs, some capasitors, and some transistors from an old widup LED flashlight that hadn't been wound for ages. they all still work.

Well, first you could try the internet, with places like this: http://au.mouser.com/ Or, if you don't like buying online, you could get parts out of old consumer products. Look for the older, bigger ones, as they are usually more analogue, and contain less surface mount components. LEDs can be found in the same place, but if you're looking for the high brightness ones, buy a couple of cheap LED lights, preferably ones with a whole heap of LEDs, as they give you more LEDs per dollar. Apart from these 2 sources, you could try to buy bulk from a supplier, like radioshack? maybe? I don't really know because I live in Australia.

 go by the DI. they have lots of old electronics/ electronic parts that you can desolder.

Grab bags for the win! Anyhoo, getting parts from newer electronics is crap, because they're usually all surface mount.

I get all my parts from e-bay thaishopetc is the store name. I also get alot of parts free from junk electronics people give me.


9 years ago

To begin with, all of these components are generally cheap anyway, excepting some LEDs can get pretty expensive (The kind that can generate virtually any color are pretty cool... but also in the $10-$20 range) If you know what you need, you can try Digikey.com, Mouser.com. Those are two big ones. If you are just starting in Electronics, and would like a wide variety of components, look into getting a Variety packs. If you're in a pinch, you can pick up a lot of stuff from Radio Shack, but as a warning, their components come at a relatively higher price.