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Where and How to approach my ideas to advertisement companies? Answered

Where and How to approach my ideas to advertisement companies without taking patent or copyright on them?



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I have a small patent, and didn't make much money but learned about the ins and outs of patents. If you have an earth shaking idea, it is maybe worth getting a patent if you have lots of money to start it up. If your idea might sell a few here maybe a few hundred... then consider just making it yourself with NO PATENT. Just sell the thing and make money. When you publish your patent, it informs the whole world about your idea. Big overseas companies look at the ideas that flow out of the patent office and if they like the idea, they change one or 2 tiny things on it and THEY get a patent on it also. Since they have lots of money behind them, they start producing the similar item and make money while you are sitting on YOUR patent that is not worth much because you don't have the money to start production. It's not just ME that says this. I read an article by Forrest Mims (a famous electronics expert in days past) .... he basically said the same thing. Sorry, I don't have the link to the article he wrote.

thanks @framistan to highlight the dark side of getting patent.

Are you trying to get an idea into production or do you have a product you want people to know about. Advertising companies help to create awareness of your product. If you have an idea you want produced you'll want to talk to manufactures. If you don't want your idea stolen then you will need to get it fully documented, copyrighted and if there are any patents you can get for it then seek out those patents. But copyrights and patents are only as good as the money your able to invest to pay a legal team to help you protect them. Anyway... once you have that you can start talking to manufactures who have the ability to make your ideas a reality.

I generally have many ideas every time. But due to my limited skill set in particular areas I can't implement them. That's why I wanna sell them. Copyright/patent may makes me confident to discuss my idea with others. But on downside, I need to spend lot of money on that. And sometimes it may be wastage. :(

It takes money to make money. Whether you copyright, patent or just move forward into creating that idea the first thing you need to do is research. You need to find out if this idea has been done before and if it's even a worthwhile thing to pursue. People have great ideas all the time. Many if not most of these ideas have been considered before. What sets these people apart are those who invest there time in an idea they really believe in. They start to learn everything they need to know to make this idea a reality. That doesn't mean they have to become an electrical engineer so they can produce it themselves. They just need to learn enough to see if it is possible. In some cases they find out that the idea isn't really feasible or won't work out for one reason or another. It's easy to get discouraged but they have learned something new and that tends to lead them into the next great idea.

Knowledge is power and if you want to become an entrepreneur and inventor you will need to develop a lot of basic skill sets. Also start documenting everything. Write out every detail of each idea, sign and date it. Then start seeking out individuals who can teach you what you need to learn or help you in working out more of the details for the idea. Companies care little for ideas unless it's a fully developed one with great potential for profits.