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Where are the ebooks on the instructables web site? Answered

I've read that there are ebooks on the instructables web site.  I tried some links provided in the Answers, but I don't see anything that identifies anything as an ebook nor any links to any ebooks,  What am I missing?


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djnoonan (author)iceng2017-01-28

Thanks for the reply. That instructable says I need to download an epub from the Instructable web site. But I haven't been able to find any ebooks or epub files on this web site. I only see Download PDF files within an Instructable, which is different. I guess I just don't know where to find them. Or is the implication here that I can only download an instructable epub using itunes or something similar (i.e., not from the web site using only a browser). ?

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iceng (author)djnoonan2017-01-29

This site used to have a store that sold and gave away eBooks for pro membership.

Looking now the new management has apparently discontinued the store.

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