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Where are those eBooks? Answered

OK, this is probably more a case of not quite ready yet as opposed to an actual bug, but it bugs me so in a way it is a bug.
Anyway, why is it that there are 6 interesting looking eBooks on the banner for the eBooks on the front page, yet when you follow the link, those eBooks are nowhere to be found?
Also, on the front page when you scroll down and see the featured eBooks there is a link to more eBooks, but when you click it, it just takes you to the top of the front page again.



Directly from the ebooks intern: some of these are up, others are being processed, some got bounced from the iBookstore for Apple-specific quality control issues that are being addressed. Everything should be available on the site, though, with no noticeable issues in the epub format. Amazon takes a little while longer than the others, so ebooks should reach the Kindle a week or two after they're up for the Nook and iBookstore.

That's actually a funny/sad story that deals with a member of instructables team no longer working here.

We're working on getting them published, and most are up already. All should be up by the end of the day.

Thanks for the heads up!

They might be the ebooks published on itunes or Amazon, etc. There could be an exclusive license agreement that they only can be purchased there at a premium.

I had thought that may be the case too, but I can't find them anywhere on those sites either. Must be just ones that are coming (and their pic made a good banner lol)