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Where can I Buy a UV LED? Answered

I wanna buy a UV LED for GLOW water but I need a black light and a UV LED is the same thing. Is it legal for me to obtain one(stupid question?).


www.dealextreme.com has a lot of LEDs,



8 years ago

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If you are happy with the 300-400 nm range you will find lots. My problem is I need a small, low consumption light source around 185nm (I'm making ozone) and those LEDs are only used in medical test equipment.

Sure wish I could read Chinese.

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P.S. the site is mainly in Chinese, but thanks for the help!
I only needed a couple regular Leds 
I sure will bookmark your site for future needs though.

 Vksourcing is a Canadian firm IN china, specializing in LEDs!!!  Min order is USD 100.

Hi friend, try to find a UV LED manufacture from China? then pls click www.Mason-led.com to know more, or just email to masonsales2@mason-led.com, for sure you will find what you need.

almost everything is from china so it will be pretty easy

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