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Where can I buy Titanium metal in Australia? Answered

and where can I get it milled? I need two ~5 inch bars, about 1/2 inch thick.




3 years ago

Hi ,Charlesian ,we are experienced titanium manufacturer in China ,if you need titanium materials in the future ,please feel free to contact us by wll@tiwmo.com ,even small piece is acceptable if we have a ready stock .


Depending on what size you actually want.

I live in Mortdale, I play with precious and non-precious metals.

Edcon Steel is over near Bankstown Airport in Marigold Street. I've asked them for lots of stuff, if they don't have it on hand, they can either get it or have a good a idea where to get it.

You might try making your own.

Have you inquired a you local machine shop.  I'd be asking them about a source since they probably can put they're hands on any legal metal pretty quickly.

Making my own is all well and good, but I need decent quality, 5" x 1/2" x 1/2" bars, not small ingots.

Well, what about my other suggestion?

Are you willing to buy online?

Online is fine, as long as they have what I want, and the shipping isn't too bad.

How many do you want to buy? We are prefessional manufacterer of high quality titanium products with low price. So contact me. Email:bella0424@163.com Web:http://www.bjmkgs.com

Where in Australia do you live? Have you tried chemical supply shops? Have you tried simply asking a hardware store (probably not bunnings)?

I live in the Bankstown area, as far as I know, there are no chemical supply stores in my area, as for asking at hardware stores, I doubt they'd have what I need, if any titanium at all.

Have you got a metal mart or herzog steel near by?

Eh? I'll try and find a chemical supplier, and if that doesn't work I'll look for a metal store. (If such things even exist in Australia.)

I live in Canberra, and yes chemical suppliers exist but are hard to find, and two metal stores I was just suggesting are Metal Mart (two words? I don't know) and Herzog Steel.

Are you sure there are NO chemical supply stores around? Consider high schools in the area because they need chemicals for educational purposes and would probably have titanium...