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Where can I buy solid wood to make a jewellery box? Specifically walnut and cherry Answered

I want to make a jewellery box and have an idea in mind but I need two different colours to pull it off. I want to make it out of walnut and cherry as they are dark and light respecitively and I think could work quite well together. I have literally no idea where to get it from. I need it in roughly 1/2". I live in England, in Essex, but I just need to know what to look for. all I can find is places that do veneered MDF. I'm only going on the assumption that 'those really nice ones' are actually made from solid wood. To be frank, I don't even know exactly what veneered wood is.

Can someone help point me in the right direction?

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rickharris (author)2012-03-01

Your yellow pages under timber suppliers should help you - Phone and ask if they can get you a price for what you want - Don't be surprised when it sounds expensive!.

Alternatively you can look around or go to an auction house and buy some old furniture and dismantle - Most pre 1930s hard wood furniture will be hard wood all though.

Watch out for Victorian veneered woods though although they may well have veneered over a hard wood like mahogany.

I managed to get about 30 meters of mahogany that is 4 inches wide and an inch thick (100 x 25mm) for nothing they had been stood in a field for years as a post and rail fence the farmer was replacing with a new fence and burning the old (until I cam along).

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steveastrouk (author)2012-02-29

Ebay. THere are several suppliers who sell material in jewellry box size pieces. Our most recent intern made a beautiful puzzle box from stuff she bought there.

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Burf (author)2012-02-29

Look up "speciality or exotic hardwoods" retailers for a location near where you live.
Depending on design of the box you want to make, veneers can be an excellent and economical choice. Veneers are thin sheets of wood, usually 1/16th of an inch to 1/8 of an inch thick or the metric equivalent.
I have made many decorative wood pieces using veneers applied to a cheaper base of pine or plywood. As long as you remember to plan on covering the exposed edges with a veneer or a thin cut edging of wood matching the veneer, its almost impossible to tell the difference between a well made veneered surface from solid wood.
Look for a few DIY guides on using veneers.

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canucksgirl (author)2012-02-29

I'm not sure where you should look in England, but I can tell you that you probably don't want veneered MDF for a jewelry box. MDF is a "Medium Density Fiberboard" so its not solid wood, but a mash put together into a fairly strong material. The veneer is just a very thin layer of "real wood" that's been glued to the MDF.

I'm sure other members will have places to suggest, but if you aren't able to find a place, consider just staining some oak to the shades of wood you want and then continue the project as if they were walnut and cherry.

I know over here in Canada, despite having an enormous supply of trees, getting access to specific types of wood can be difficult. I suppose there's just not that much demand anymore for woodworking materials, and if you can find it, it's usually very expensive.

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