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Where can I find a 1.5 inch diameter copper cable? Answered

I am creating a giant i duction heater, and I need 1.5 in diameter copper cables. Where can I find one to buy? Or do I have to make one? Or is there an entirley better way to make an induction heater?


Copper tube is a good solution, because you can water cool it, but even so, you have to be careful about handling the resistive heat in the copper. Once you know the operating frequency, put the numbers into the skin effect formulae and work out how thick the copper needs to be.


4 years ago

See if you can make copper tubing work or fit. What current are you wanting to put through it?
Typically wire that size is specified in square millimeters of cross sectional area. Wire gagues only go up to almost half an inch and is called 0000.


try old barns the lightning rods are attached to copper cable that is at least 1 inch thick might be more its been awhile sense I been to a barn . also try scrap metal yards people bring in all sorts of stuff made of copper and you can most likely talk a yard man into selling it you you for 10 above weight

Induction heaters work at such high frequency that thick cables don't work, because of the skin effect. If you have to use thick wire they should be made of a great number of insulated strands, like Litz wire.


Litz wire is also used for welding.

I would assume you are talking about stranded and not solid copper cable. If that's the case, your best bet is an industrial electrical supply house. If you're looking for small quantities, you might try a local scrap metal dealer to see if they have any scrap pieces of industrial cable.

You should look in local hardware stores.

well i really don't see how would use a copper rod to make induction heater

At 1.5 inches it's no longer cable. That would be a copper rod. Look for suplliers of copper rods, plates and sheets.