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Where can I find fabric dye in New York City? Or what kind of store would carry it? Answered

I have some white cotton fabric I'd like to tie dye. What kind of store carries tie dye?


I know this is very late in response to this thread, but if anyone else needs to know: Manhattan Wardrobe Supply, 245 W 29th st, St 800 (it's on the 8th floor) has an extensive selection of dyes and mordants for all sorts of fabrics, as well as things like leather paint and dye.

Some art supply stores have these kind of dyes as well as other interesting fabric coloring stuff. Try Pearl Paint on Canal Street or their craft store on Lispenard Street. Or New York Central on 3rd Avenue & 13th Street.

Hello, you can go to www.metrodyeing.com. 

If you haven't found your dye yet, you could try Kmart or Walgreens for all purpose dyes like RIT. I found a great array all different types/colors of dye in Brooklyn when I happen to wander into the Pratt Institute Supply Store on Myrtle Ave. Hope that's helpful and good luck with your project !

some dyes are more potent and are designed for different fabrics. we found dyes for tie dye down in the garment/fabric district in Manhattan in 1975

Cloth or Fabric Dye is the same no matter where you purchase it. Tie-Dye is just an technique where you use string or knots in the clothing to 'tie' a portion of the fabric such that little or minimal dye gets to an area of the fabric being colored. Any Craft/Fabric shop should have dye in various colors. Follow the directions for use, and have fun...