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Where can I find good quality Stylophone tabs? Answered

I really need this because I have a stylophone tabs website which can be found here.
Flannel UK


You need to get hold of RTTTL ringtones - These are the old monophonic (one note at a time) Nokia format ones - There's a couple of zip files full 3/4 down THIS page.
HERE is the RTTTL format - All you have to do is convert.  Simplest way would be to make a table relating code letter to Stylophone key and another for code to note duration.

Alternatively, if you're familiar with reading music, copy and paste each tune into an RTTTL editor to show the notes and durations on a staff and read it back from there.

An interesting little project!

The trouble with Lemonie's method - See how many of the tunes you want have the score available, and of those, how many use only single notes as opposed to chords. With the RTTTL tunes, someone has already done that part of the work for you. (OK, you have to do the rest, but you'll find more of the sort of tunes you want.)

And here's the table - You may need to 'slide' the octave to suit the range for some tunes, but these are the note correspondences - High to low. P is a pause.  No need to worry about durations - play what sounds right.

12         E
11.5      D#
11         D
10.5      C#
10         C
9            B
8.5         A#
8            A
7.5        G#
7            G
6.5         F#
6            F
5            E
4.5        D#
4            D
3.5        C#
3            C
2            B
1.5        A#
1           A


i have create a website yesterday with my Stylophone tabs, they are 100% perfect !