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Where can I find some used servos? What can I look for that has servos in them I can extract them out of. Answered

I am looking for some servos to make some pan & tilts for my security camera system. I have 4 cams so I'll probably need about 8 servos right. Thank you



Thank you Aarnat, I will check these out and see what they have but the rumage sale idea sounds great. That was so simple I don't know why I didn't think of it. There are a lot of rumages around here all the time. Thanks again


8 years ago

Most consumer electronics that move but have a limited range of motion (IE not 360 degrees) and can hold a position and return to a predetermined place will have a servo in it.
-RC cars (the front steering)
-robosapien, or other robot-like toys (only if they are broken otherwise hold on to them and hack)
-look around in dumpsters and garage sales for toys that have moving parts in them. Its actually kinda hard to tell without gutting the toys.

If you actually want to, you could buy them:

Yes you will need 2 servos per camera, one for panning, one for tilting. You will also need to find servo controllers and the main controller for the system. Look at the sites I gave you and you should be set.

Good Luck! Make an Instructable!