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Where can I find the Burning Questions? Answered

Is there a list of the unanswered Burning Questions? When I search, I find contest results. Can I write an instructable on a Burning Question without entering it into a contest?


"Burning Questions" is a contest, designed to answer those questions that visitors most often search for, thus increasing traffiic to the site.

As I type, there is no BQ contest running, ut that does not stop you answering any of the questions on the BQ lists, as the list's existence means that quite a few people in google-land have been looking for an answer to that question.

Consider you ible a public service.

You know, K-Man, you might just be the one to straigthen this out for me: What is the relationship between the "Burning Questions" Community Forum and the "Burning Questions" contests? And how do they tie in with this "Answers" part of the site?

The BQ forum is where members can request Instructables that do not yet exist.

They have a need for something - there's something they want to do, they don't know how, but there isn't an existing ible. They come on BQ and ask for it, so that somebody else will see the need and fill it.

That rarely happens, though.

The BQ contests are there to fill an external need - the site keeps a record of search strings, and every so often they check to see what search strings crop up a lot, without being successfully answered.

That's why one of the contest rules is to stick to the titles given in the list; those are the search strings must often unfulfilled.

BQ pre-dates Answers.

People seeking Answers are not usually seeking full Instructables, just specific data or help with a specific point.

The advantage for users of the Answers is that you do not have to be a member to use it (hence all those by "Guest"). IMO, Answers serves two functions: it is building up to a huge Maker-biased FAQ (which would be more efficient if users searched the existing Answers before asking "How do I make a guide?" for the ninetieth time*), and it "hooks" new members, who get a chance to be impressed by the usefulness of the site, and the helpfulness of its members, before actually signing up.

*(I have suggested changing the text that fills the question box to include a reminder to search existing Answers, but nothing has happened yet.)

Thanks, Kiteman. That sorts it all out nicely. :) (In fact, members like you are so helpful, and the site itself is so useful, I suspect that I just might be "hooked." ;)

...ah-ha, my work here is done!


8 years ago

I suppose you could write an instructable on a burning question without entering it into a contest. however, the list of burning questions are only published during the contest.