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Where can I get a cheap gaming computer? Answered

Hey, my friend wanted to know some good places for buying cheap reliable gaming laptops. He does not want to manually put in anything (He has trouble downloading things) and wants it to be under about $600. I already know this is way under what the budget should be but this is just a question. Anyhow, for his sake he wants it to have the ability to run Battlefield 3 on he laptop without any lag (Lol). He had some other games in mind but I think that would be the most performance game out of all. Out of this it probably needs at least maybe 250GB but if less that is fine. That's all :)



Best Answer 5 years ago

At least double that budget. You might find a last generation, used laptop that is capable of gaming - new my 4 year old machine was just under 2 grand (core 2 duo and GT230M) it's capable of most games on low settings, but nothing on good settings. It's probably still worth about 400.

A NEW laptop remotely capable of bf3 will be at LEAST 1000, and bf3 no lag and decent gfx settings closer to 2k.

If he wants to game on a budget, you can make a gaming TOWER for that budget with totally decent capabilities...


Your friend has a great sense of humor. "Cheap gaming computer".


He wants everything for next to nothing. Well it's not going to happen.

OK he can get a laptop that have enough CPU and RAM to run the game at it's recommended specs. But that does no good if you don't have an adequate video card to support it all.

To get a laptop with the specs he needs for the gaming quality he wants he needs to add a 1 or a 2 in front of his current budget.