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Where can I get a copy of AppleWorks for Mac OS 10.4? Answered

My dad hasn't liked any word processors since his AppleWorks on an Apple IIe. He has an Intel iMac running Tiger. Does anyone know where I can download it free/buy it cheap? I've Googled, and all I can find are updater files



Best Answer 9 years ago

I can give you the program if you like. I think its just a case of copying across the .app file, and any library files. We did it at work on a new Intel iMac running leopard.

I just installed NeoOffice, and it works fine. Thanks for all the help.


9 years ago

it doesnt exist for the newer macs.... the best he can do is run an older version of an apple os in a system emulator, and then word process from that. The best thing for your dad would be to get new software. i reccomend either ms office or iworks. both are great programs.

And both require money. AppleWorks was discontinued in 2007, and the latest version was designed for OS 10.4.