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Where can I get a piece of paper 2x3ft with a target on it for archery? Answered


Any store that sells hunting gear -- and some that just sell licenses -- is likely to have some targets. They may not be standard archery targets, but unless you're reporting your score to someone that isn't all that important. Of course you don't necessarily need to buy official targets. We've shot at everything from posters to foam cutouts to cheap stuffed animals, in addition to the more official targets. Balloons are a favorite target for kid's shoots. Just make sure that that whatever you use offers good aiming points (your accuracy really is better if you're at least trying to put the arrow at a specific place), and not be hard enough to damage arrows or cause them to bounce off. I'm presuming you already have a safe place to shoot. That's far more important than exactly what target you're shooting at.

Tape paper together find a picture of a target then photocopy it.

If you just want a 2'x3' sheet of paper to draw your own targets on, try office supply stores ("flip-chart pads" are about that size). Or try art supply stores; they may have newsprint in large rolls.. Moving companies may also sell boxes of large sheets of newsprint, self-storage likewise; it's useful packing material. More expensive: Get a sheet of gift wrap and either shoot at its design or draw your targets on the back.

i have a good size paper but i dont want to draw or paint a target on it because it might be sloppy.

I would make my own with numerous A4 pieces stuck together to get the appropriate size with a target drawn on.

  Check to see if your local Wal-Mart has a hunting section, they have plenty of targets to choose from, in varying sizes. If you have a specialty hunting store nearby they would also have them.

  Or if you want to do it yourself, get some poster-board and draw a large bulls-eye on it with some spray paint. Or better yet, do the same with some old cardboard boxes (free).

Bass Pro shops should carry targets too. But I did say Wal-Mart on purpose, my local one has a hunting section, doesn't yours?

i dont want an actual target. i just want a piece of paper with a target printed on it.

Then paint a bulls-eye on the poster board. Poster board is just slightly stiff paper. And Bass Pro shop might carry some paper targets, that's what I was talking about earlier, not an actual target. Just target paper.

If you're shooting at a hay bale, you could also draw targets on some disposable plates, and pin several to it.. That's what a lot of people use when I go to the shooting range.
I also saw some people shooting lawn signs. I really liked that idea, I dunno if an arrow would pierce them, but you could certainly try. They litter the entire state I live in, just be sure the polls are over before you start pulling them up.

These are just some suggestions.