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Where can I get a tablet with a powerful GPU? Answered

Ok, so recently I've been looking for a new computer.  I want a tablet because I'm goning to use it as a notebook next year.  The problem is every tablet I find has an Intel GMA, which SUCKS!  I simply cant find a tablet that has anythng that I want, I'm looking for an NVIDIA or an ATI with 1GB of RAM. Does anybody know of one?  My budget is 1,000$-1,200$ 



Best Answer 8 years ago

 I am in the same predicament. As far as i can tell, the tx2z will be your best choice. you can still find them on amazon. probably ebay or craigslist as well.

Dell makes the XT2, which is similarly specced to the tx2z.

tablets are designed for portability, and not power. If you can give up tablet features, a gaming laptop would serve you well. You could buy a wacom digitizer pad, and write on a flat surface, with the screen up.

also i find that HP makes very sturdy laptops with good customer support.

I LOVE YOU (in a non wierd kinda way)  i put Tx2z into google and found HP makes one that is right in my budget range, and you can get a 512 gb ati radeon in it

Here's a company that combines a MacBook and a custom Wacom digitizer into a high end tablet.  Axiotron - Modbook


8 years ago

Do laptop video cards even come with 1GB of RAM??  That's a pretty tall order, I'm not sure if you'll find that anywhere.  Wait 3 years, maybe then...

If you're only using it as a notebook for school, it doesn't need that much GPU power.  Get an inexpensive tablet, and spend the rest of your money on a dedicated console for playing games (since that's the only use that needs a beefy GPU!)

you can find a laptop with 1gb of video ram, and pretty easily too.  lenovo sells another line of laptops called ideapads, you can get some of those with 1gb NVIDIAs.

1 gb of video ram may be very hard to find... most modern tablets are built with mobility in mind as opposed to power. if you want power and a tablet, i would actually suggest getting an older tablet pc (look for a fujitsu t4020 or something) and a gaming desktop. some normal laptops that you can get with dedicated graphics now come with touchscreen options as well. look at some non-convertible thinkpads.

there are some options from a little while back though.

-the HP tx2z is hp's previous tablet. the graphics is a 64 mb ATI HD3200 integrated card which is better than the intel cards, i think it gets 2400 or something on 3d mark 05, which is 200 less than the geforce 8400m gs

This tablet is my recommendation for a combination of portability and power. it looks like the most powerful out of the ones i can find, and it also has a dual touchscreen so you can use a wacom pen and your fingers. (when you use the wacom pen, you can't use your fingers. this way you can rest your hand on the screen as you write) it is kind of small though.

-The Toshiba Tecra m7 is from like 2 years ago... you can probably find one in good shape on ebay for around your price range. you can find it with either core or core 2 duo processors, a 14.1 inch 1440/900 (i think...) screen and a Nvidia Quadro NVS110M with 128 mb of graphics ram. be warned, this card is meant more for rendering, and it's kind of old.

-The Gateway m280 has core 2 duo and an ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 with 128MB but it uses a finepoint digitizer, which is not as good as the typical wacom digitizer, and the graphics card is also kind of old